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Affordable Employer Sponsorship Licence Services

Obtaining an Employer Sponsorship Licence UK allows your business to hire globally. The Tier 2 skilled worker sponsor licence, a prestigious certification approved by the Home Office, enables UK businesses to employ non-UK nationals by issuing work permits. This licence is crucial for companies looking to expand their talent pool internationally.

Why You Need the Employer Sponsorship Licence?

Without this valid licence, employers are unable to hire skilled workers who do not have the right to work in the UK. Our services simplify the process, ensuring you can access the global workforce legally and efficiently.

Costs and Complexity of the Application Process

Applying for an employer sponsorship licence in the UK can be complex and costly. Many high-street lawyers charge high fees, which are often non-refundable if the licence is not granted. Our service provides an affordable and transparent fee structure, minimising your financial risk and simplifying the application process.

How our partner immigration lawyers can help you?

Our partner immigration lawyers specialise in the Tier 2 sponsor licence, offering comprehensive support from document preparation to submission. They ensure every application meets the Home Office’s rigorous standards, improving your chances of success with less hassle and uncertainty.

Our Partner Lawyers vs High Street Lawyers

Why Choose Us?

Our partner OISC registered immigration lawyers charge an affordable fee for our referred clients which is way more reasonable as compared to the fees charged by high street lawyers.

High Street Lawyers

  • Variable Fee
  • No refund policy in most cases
  • Quick analysis
  • Only Checks mandatory documents Before Submission
  • Additional fee for fast track assistance

Act fast, Apply For your Sponsorship Licence today!

As immigration policies are becoming stricter day by day, it might be difficult for employers to meet the Home Office requirements to obtain the licence. Talk to us today.

What's our role and your benefit?

Swiftacc provides a channel of communication between the clients and  immigration lawyers as well as evaluate business performance and prepare forecast if necessary upon instructions given by the parties.

What initial documents you need?

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